Áp lực cao tàu trọng hóa chất lò phản ứng trộn Tank cho thực phẩm
308.904.000đ ~ 356.427.700đ

Áp lực cao tàu trọng hóa chất lò phản ứng trộn Tank cho thực phẩm

308.904.000đ ~ 356.427.700đ
Chọn loại hàng (ví dụ:màu sắc ,kích thước)
Thông số sản phẩm
Mô tả sản phẩm
Công suất: 50-20000lTự động Lớp: Tự Động

Loại: Phản ứng Ấm siêu tốc, Dọc hoặc ngangĐiều kiện: Mới

Video Gọi Đi-Kiểm Tra: Cung CấpMáy Móc Báo Cáo Thử Nghiệm: Cung Cấp

Tiếp Thị Loại: Sản Phẩm Mới 2020Bảo Hành Của Core Thành Phần: 2 Năm

Core Thành Phần: Động Cơ, ÁpNơi xuất xứ: Zhejiang, China

Nhãn hiệu: JInbangĐiện áp: 220V/380V/tùy chỉnh

Công suất (W): Phù hợpKích thước (L * W * H): Theo công suất

trọng lượng: 850Bảo hành: 2 Năm

Key Điểm Bán Hàng: Năng Suất caoÁp dụng Các Ngành Công Nghiệp: Thực phẩm và Đồ Uống Nhà Máy, Các trang trại

Phòng Trưng Bày Trí: Hoa Kỳ, Thái LanVật liệu: Thép không gỉ 304/316L

Sử dụng: Sản phẩm lỏngTừ khóa: Lò phản ứng hóa học

Âm lượng: 50-20000lTính năng: Làm sạch thuận tiện

Đánh bóng: Đánh bóng tiêu chuẩn vệ sinhBề mặt: Đánh bóng Gương hoàn thiện

Sạch sẽ: Hệ thống CIPChế biến: Hàn

Product Overview

High pressure vessel jacketed chemical reactor mixing tank for food

Product Application The stainless steel reaction tank is one of the reaction equipment commonly used in chemical industry, etc. It is a kind of equipment that mixes two kinds (or more kinds) of liquids and solids of certain volume and promotes their chemical reaction by using the mixer under certain temperature and pressure. It is often accompanied by heat effect. The heat exchanger is used to input the heat required or move the heat produced out. The mixing forms include multi-purpose anchor type or frame type, so as to ensure even mixing of materials within a short period of time. The mixing rotation speed adopts variable frequency speed adjustment. It is provided with temperature display or control. To ensure that the material can be in the condition of asepsis, it is designed to be completely closed. The end plate cover (taper shape) has adopted rotating-pressure machining, according with GMP.

Main Features 1) It adopts stainless steel 316L or 304, internal surface mechanical polishing, external wall adopt 304 full-steel welding structure insulation, external surface adopt mirror or matte treatment. 2) Jacket Type: adopt full jacket, semi-coil jacket, or dimple jacket 3) Insulation: adopt aluminum silicate, polyurethane, pearl wool, or rock wool. 4) Agitation System: adopt top centre-entry agitator or side-entry agitator. Agitator Type: frame, anchor, paddle, turbine, propeller, etc. Agitation Speed: 10~120r/min, or frequency speed. 5) Liquid Level Gauge: tubular glass level meter, or ball float type level meter. 6) Equipment Accessories: quick-open manhole, sight glass, inspection light, thermometer, sample nozzle, air breathing apparatus, CIP cleaning system, cleaning ball, liquid inlet/outlet nozzle, spare nozzle, cooling/hot solvent inlet/outlet nozzle 7) Vessel sterizing: online steam sterilizing (121℃) 8)Can be customized according to customers requirement and product processing.
Product Structure: Stainless steel mixing tanks can generally fall into three categories in terms of the structure: 1.
Single-layer structure. Without jacket, it can realize internal coil heating or cooling, or the electric heating tube can be
directly inserted into the mixing tank for heating. 2. Dual-layer structure. With jacket, it can carry out the heat conducting oil
circulating heating, water circulating heating, steam heating and other heating modes. According to the heating temperature, the
electric heating can be chosen if there is no steam boiler, and the water bath heating can be selected if the temperature is
required to be no more than 100℃. This structure doesn’t have the insulation layer, so the thermal is volatile. 3.Three-layer
structure. With the rock wool or polyurethane (PU) insulation layer and 2mm stainless steel coating, a mixing tank is elegant.
SUS304, 316L stainless steel
Design Pressure
Heating way
By electric/by steam
Applicable range
50-20,000L(Our tank Capacity From 1000 Litres To 100,000 Litres Has Price Advantage)
Ideal in field such as foods, dairy products, fruit juice beverages, chemical industry and biological engineering etc.
Structure characteristics
Made of single-layer or with insulation stainless steel structure.
Materials are all sanitary stainless steel.
Humanized structure design and easy to operate.
Transition area of interior wall on tank adopts arc for transition to ensure no dead comer of sanitation.
Configuration of tank
Quick open manhole.
Various types of CIP cleaners.
Fly and insect resistant sanitary breathing cover.
Adjustable triangular bracket.
Dismountable materials input pipe assembly.
Thermometer (According to customer requirements).
Ladder (According to customer requirements).
Liquid level meter and level controller (According to customer requirements ).
All the storage tanks we can customized according to your specific requirement
Founded in 1997, the company is now located in Wenzhou Binhai Industrial Park, with three production bases, covering an area of 60030m2。 Wenzhou Jinbang Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. Professional in the production and sales , bioengineering machinery and equipment professional enterprises. The company mainly specializes in consulting, scheme design and manufacturing, budget, on-site installation and after-sale maintenance of traditional Chinese extraction equipment, concentration equipment, separation and purification equipment, alcohol recovery equipment and drying equipment. The company now has a high-tech, high-quality professional staff team. At present, there are 28 senior and medium-level technical personnel, 4 guest professors and more than 300 employees. High tech enterprises have class A2 class III pressure vessel design qualification, D1, D2 class I and II pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, GC2 pressure pipeline installation qualification, and EU CE certification is used for the manufacturing, and the manufacturing meets CMP and ASMI standards.
Since its establishment, the company has been widely supported by all walks of life. With the joint efforts of all employees, the company has made rapid development. Jinbang machinery is now a famous brand with great influence in China, and it has been paid attention and affirmation by customers from both home and abroad. Adhering to the business philosophy of "service first, quality first", and adhering to the principle of "being a business and making a friend", the company has made the enterprise grow rapidly and has been widely recognized by the industry, and has become a first-class brand equipment manufacturing enterprise in China. At present, we will work hard and sincerely look forward to working with you to create a better future together!
Q1: who are we?
A1: We are a factory based in CN , Zhejiang , Wenzhou, No. 420 Binhai 23rd Road, Binhai Park, Economic Technological
Development Zone, We are always welcome your visit.

Q2: How can we guarantee quality?
A2: We can provide the whole production process to you by video or live stream, we also have International Certification like CE,
ISO9001, etc

Q3: What kind of products can be process?
A3: All kinds of liquid material.

Q4: How to ship storage tanks?
A4: Flat Rack+container

Q5: What is the delivery time?
A5: 15 days

Q6: What is the after-sales service type?
A6: Engineers onsite to guide installation, commissioning and training

Q7: What can you buy from us?
A7: Extractor, concentrator, evaporator, vacuum belt dryer and other stainless steel products.
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