Bình Minh nhà sản xuất Trinh Nữ PP polypropylene gia cố PP Polypropylene
24.700đ ~ 37.100đ

Bình Minh nhà sản xuất Trinh Nữ PP polypropylene gia cố PP Polypropylene

24.700đ ~ 37.100đ
Chọn loại hàng (ví dụ:màu sắc ,kích thước)
Thông số sản phẩm
Mô tả sản phẩm
Product name: Hạt PP gia cốxuất hiện: Hạt

màu: Tùy chỉnh/tự nhiênvật liệu: PP

Đặc trưng: Gia cốứng dụng: Phụ tùng ô tô, Cấp chung, Linh kiện thiết bị gia dụng

Nơi sản xuất: Trung Quốcthương hiệu: Bình Minh

Tên sản phẩm: Sửa đổi Polypropylene PP nhựa PP hạtỨng dụng: Thiết bị gia dụng

Vật liệu: Hạt Nguyên liệu PPMàu sắc: Trắng

Product Description

Dawn Modified Reinforced PP plastic raw Material For Home Appliances

Introducing Reinforced PP, a material that offers exceptional performance and multiple advantages. With its balanced strength and toughness, adjustable color and fiberglass content, as well as stable properties, Reinforced PP stands out in various applications.

Product Advantages

1 Balanced Strength and Toughness: Reinforced PP exhibits excellent balance between rigidity and toughness, providing products with outstanding strength and durability. 2 Adjustable Color: The color of Reinforced PP can be customized according to customer requirements, meeting different design needs of products. 3 Adjustable Fiberglass Content: The fiberglass content in Reinforced PP can be adjusted to meet specific performance requirements in different application areas. 4 Stable Properties: Reinforced PP demonstrates excellent stability, ensuring consistent performance in various environmental conditions.

Product applications

Plate and Frame Filter Presses: Used in the manufacturing of plate and frame filter presses, providing strength and durability to meet filtration requirements.
Automotive Filters: Employed in the production of automotive filters, offering reliable filtration performance and durability. Automotive Interior and Exterior Trim: Applied in automotive interior and exterior components, providing strength, durability, and design flexibility.
Home Seating: Used in the manufacturing of home seating, delivering comfort and durability.
Home Appliances: Applied in various home appliances such as washing machine drums, vacuum cleaner housings, etc., providing reliable structure and performance.
Other Applications: Reinforced PP is also suitable for other applications such as butterfly valves, industrial components, etc., catering to the needs of different industries.
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