Chất lượng cao sàn sơn nhựa rửa đá sơn cho xây dựng lớp phủ trang trí nội thất
31.800đ ~ 39.500đ

Chất lượng cao sàn sơn nhựa rửa đá sơn cho xây dựng lớp phủ trang trí nội thất

31.800đ ~ 39.500đ
Chọn loại hàng (ví dụ:màu sắc ,kích thước)
Thông số sản phẩm
Mô tả sản phẩm
Số CAS: N/aTên khác: Đá rửa bằng nhựa

EINECS số: N/aNơi xuất xứ: Guangdong, China

Nguyên liệu chính: Hạt đá màuCách sử dụng: Lớp phủ xây dựng, Sơn sàn

Ứng dụng phương pháp: Cạo hàng loạtNhà nước: Coating lỏng

Nhãn hiệu: wanleiSố Mô Hình: SXS-03

Bảo hiểm: 10-17kg/㎡Vật liệu: Hạt đá màu tự nhiên

Tính năng: Hiệu suất không thấm nướcSử dụng: Sơn sàn

Kích thước hạt: 1-3mm/3-5mmMàu sắc: Thẻ màu

Dụng cụ: Tuốc nơ vít inoxTừ khóa: Đá rửa bằng nhựa

Trọng lượng: 24 kg/thùngXây Dựng: Dễ dàng, san lấp mặt bằng

Product Description
Resin washed stone is an innovative decorative material that combines natural stone and polymer resin materials. It follows the traditional production concept of resin washed stone, which uses natural small pebbles or gravel that have been screened and cleaned. However, unlike traditional resin washed stone, it incorporates environmentally friendly Wanlei high hardness resin components on its basis.
This composite material is tightly bonded with resin and stone particles through a special process, forming a decorative surface that has both natural stone texture and high stability, as well as waterproof and stain resistant properties.

Applicable scope:

Dedicated to dry/wet area floor systems. Widely used in various high-end residential, commercial spaces, public buildings, andoutdoor landscape design, such as ground paving, courtyard landscape, pool surroundings, and furniture countertops.
Main Raw Material
colored stone particles
Building Coating, Floor Paint
Application Method
Batch scraping
Liquid Coating
Brand Name
floor paint
Particle size
Stainless steel screwdriver
waterproof performance
Color Card
Easy, leveling
Details & Case
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Q1: Are you manufacturer or trading company ? A: I am manufacturer and we have two factories with 28 production lines. Q2: Can I visit factory? A: Yes,Leave us a message, and we will arrange Schedule for u. Q3: What's your MOQ (min order quantity) ? Our MOQ is 200Kg, and we accept mixed order. Q4: Can you provide the samples ? A: Our factory offer free samples, But you need to pay shipping cost. Q5:Can I have mu logo on the package? A: Of course!Customized logo,customized packaging and graphic customization are available.
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31.800đ ~ 39.500đ
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