Dây Phun Nhiệt Hợp Kim Kẽm Và Kẽm Nguyên Chất Dây Đồng Hợp Kim Kẽm Niken Lốp Xe Dây 0.8Mm Cho Máy Uốn Cốt Thép RT397 RT398

Dây Phun Nhiệt Hợp Kim Kẽm Và Kẽm Nguyên Chất Dây Đồng Hợp Kim Kẽm Niken Lốp Xe Dây 0.8Mm Cho Máy Uốn Cốt Thép RT397 RT398

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Thông số sản phẩm
Mô tả sản phẩm
Nơi xuất xứ: Tianjin, ChinaNhãn hiệu: Longford

Số Mô Hình: 0.3mm-15mmỨng dụng: Ductile Steel Pipe,Electrical Container

Hình dạng: RollVật liệu: Pure Zin

Thành phần hóa học: 99.9953 Zin,OthersProduct name: Zin Wire

Purity: 99.99% MinDiameter: 0.3-15mm

Color: Silvery WhiteStandard: National Standard

Package: 15-18kg/Wheel,50-200kg/BarreledSurface: Polishing Surface

Hardness: SoftExterior: Shiny

MOQ: 15kg

Pure Zinc and Zinc Alloy Thermal Spray Wires wire Cooper Nickel Zinc Alloy Tape Tire 0.8mm wire for Kowy rebar tier RT397 RT398

Commodity 99.99% Pure Zin Wires
Diameter 0.3mm-15mm
Package 25kg/Roll     15-18kg/Wheel      50-500kg/Barreled
Physical characteristics  
  • Density: 7.14 g/cm3.
  • Melting point: 419.6 C.
  • Boiling point: 907 C
Tensile strength
  • Soft zinc wire: lower than 100 N/mm2.
  • Medium zinc wire: 100–120 N/mm2.
  • Hard zinc wire: higher than 120 N/mm2.
Elongation at rupture
  • Soft zinc wire: 60–100%.
  • Medium zinc wire: 40–80%.
  • Hard zinc wire: 30–60%.
Features of Zinc Wire
  • High product purity.
  • Good toughness and elasticity.
  • Clean and smooth surface.
  • Anti corrosion surface treatment.
  • Anti hard environment.
  • Good electric conductivity.
  • Durable and long service life

Zin Wire is widely used in 

  • Construction area.
  • Woven wire mesh.
  • Handicraft.
  • Highway fence.
  • Product packaging.
  • Daily civil use.

Zin Wire 

Pure Zin Wire Chemical Composion

Zin Fe Pb
99.9953 0.0013 0.0034

Pure Zin Wire

Item Data Diameter(mm) Tolerance
Tensile Strength(Mpa) 115±10 0.3-1.0 0.00-0.03
Enlogation(%) 45±5 1.0-2.0 0.00-0.05
Melting Point(℃) 419 2.0-3.0 0.00-0.06
Density(g/cm³) 7.14 3.0-4.76 0.00-0.07

Zin Wire Package

Zin Wire Application

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1.Are You Zin Wire Manufacture or Trade Company?

We are manufacture,we have 12 years experience for supply Metal material and products in domestic.

2.Can you supply what is the service?

We can supply deep process,such as punching,Cutting,Beveld End,Welded One End etc

3.Can you supply the Zin Wire free sample?

We will return the sample cost after you place order.

4.What about your Pure Zin Wire  the fast lead time if we place order?

It is normal 7-10 days after receive your deposit.

5.Which payment terms can you accept?

We can accept the TT,Western Union now or Negotiation

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