Dongfeng xe tải với chất lượng cao Hot Bán 6x4 bán phá giá xe tải
852.407.500đ ~ 890.575.000đ

Dongfeng xe tải với chất lượng cao Hot Bán 6x4 bán phá giá xe tải

852.407.500đ ~ 890.575.000đ
Chọn loại hàng (ví dụ:màu sắc ,kích thước)
Thông số sản phẩm
Mô tả sản phẩm
Điều kiện: MớiMa lực: 251 - 350hp

Tiêu chuẩn khí thải: Euro 3Nhãn hiệu: dongfeng chonglong

Nơi xuất xứ: Guangxi, ChinaLoại nhiên liệu: DIESEL

Công suất động cơ: > 8LTruyền Loại: Hướng Dẫn Sử Dụng

Kích thước (L x W x H) (mm): 8320*2500*3460Tổng trọng lượng xe: 25000

Công suất (Load): 31 - 40TỔ đĩa Wheel: 6x4

Wheelbase: 3800+1450Model: LZ3251M5DB

Driving type: 6x4Dimension (Lx W xH): 8320*2500*3460

Max Speed(km/h): 75Curb Weight(kg): 15000

Engine model: YC6MK375-33Displacement(L): 10.3L

Emission: EURO 2Front Axle: 7.5T

Dongfeng dump truck with high quality Hot Sale  6x4 dumping truck

Model LZ3251M5DB
Driving type 6x4
Dimension (Lx W xH) 8320*2500*3460
Approaching angle/Departure angle(°) 20/21
Overhang(front/rear) (mm) 1530/1750
Wheelbase (mm) 3800+1350
Max Speed(km/h) 75
Curb Weight(kg) 15000
GVW(kg) 25000
Engine model YC6MK375-33
Displacement(L) 10.3L
 Emission EURO 2
Transmission FAST 12JSD180T  
Cltuch 430  Pull type
Front Axle  7.5T
Rear Axle  2*300( rated weight 16 T )/  speed ratio 5.262
Chassis 300(8+8)mm
Oil Tanker Dimension(L) 350L Aluminum
Steering ZF brand
 Tire 12.00R20-18PR
Valves WABCO
Cab H72S( flat & single bed cabin) ; mechanical four point suspension, manual hydraulic rotating,  mechanical shock absorber driver seat, power window,  automatic A/C, PU steering, MP3+ radio,central lock,extral sun visor
Box 5600*2300*1500, CHENGLONG BRAND CYLINDER #180, Bottom thickness 8mm, side thickness 6mm.


Q. Are you original manufacturer?

A. Yes, we’re a leading automobile enterprises in China, one of the biggest manufacturer for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.


Q. What kind of payment terms can be acceptable?

A. We’re flexible for payment terms, including T/T, L/C, D/P, O/A and of course Cash.


Q. What’s your minimum Order quantity?

A. 1 unit.


Q. What’s your supportive policy for distributors in overseas market?

A. We support in many aspects including marketing, promotion, product development/improvements, service training, advertising, etc.


Q. Do you have experience of CKD or IKD assembly project in overseas market?

A. Of course, we already have KD assembly plants in area of Southeast asia and South America.   



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