F1M535 Ngay Lập Tức Sưởi Ấm Thông Minh Nắp Bồn Cầu F1M535 Bán Chạy Nhất Pin Hoạt Động Nước Nóng Nhà Vệ Sinh Chỗ Ngồi Tại Nhật Bản

F1M535 Ngay Lập Tức Sưởi Ấm Thông Minh Nắp Bồn Cầu F1M535 Bán Chạy Nhất Pin Hoạt Động Nước Nóng Nhà Vệ Sinh Chỗ Ngồi Tại Nhật Bản

Chọn loại hàng (ví dụ:màu sắc ,kích thước)
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Bảo hành: 1 NămSau khi bán hàng dịch vụ: Trực Tuyến Hỗ Trợ Kỹ Thuật, Tại Chỗ Lắp Đặt

Dự Án Giải Pháp Khả Năng: Thiết Kế Đồ HọaỨng Dụng: Khách Sạn

Thiết Kế Phong Cách: Hiện ĐạiNơi xuất xứ: Zhejiang, China

Nhãn hiệu: IKAHESố Mô Hình: F1M535-1

Cài đặt Loại: Được đặt sànSpary Loại: Thẳng Đứng

Product Name: Smart bidet toilet seatWater Temperature: Adjustable Water Temperature

Style: Modern Electric Toilet CoverToilet Seat Type: Closed Front

Size: L517(mm)*W373(mm)*H138(mm)Description: Automatic Heating Toilet Seat

Keyword: Bidet Toilet Seat CoverFunction: Remote control

Flushing: Auto flushOEM: Acceptable

Top-selling battery operated heated toilet seat in Japan


F1M535 Instant Heating Smart Toilet Cover Basic function + remote control + ultraviolet sterilization + hot and cold massage

The main function:
Safety sense: medical ultraviolet sterilization, fire prevention, nano antibacterial, air isolation, spout self-cleaning, nozzle cleaning,

water filtration, large flow flushing, leakage protection, capacitive sensing, power cord with leakage protection, fuse

Intimate: automatic cleaning, stop / power supply, seat cover / seat descent, night soft light

Trust: quick access to waterways, memory functions, business models

Pleasure: hot and cold massage, warm air drying, laxative, unlimited washing, women's washing / reciprocating cleaning, hip washing / reciprocating cleaning, water pressure adjustment, water temperature adjustment, pipe position adjustment, nozzle position adjustment, manual nozzle cleaning , seat temperature adjustment, air temperature adjustment, seat heating

Freedom of feeling: remote control, seat sensing, easy disassembly, restore factory value

Inspiration: minimalist look


Main selling point introduction:
1, appearance
Based on leading industry-standard integrated technology, it presents a very slim design aesthetic, which is also more powerful and practical, making the toilet more comfortable.

2, smart power saving
When the product is on standby for more than 24 hours, the system will automatically shut down and save energy.

3, eight protection
Eight-fold safety protection measures such as leakage prevention, overheat prevention and high pressure resistance are controlled at all levels to ensure human-machine safety.

4, one second quick unloading
The smart lid can be removed with a single press, and it is easy to clean and replace.

5, somatosensory adaptation
Spring, summer, autumn and winter, intelligently perceive skin temperature with temperature changes, adaptively adjust the optimal comfort of the human body through the seat ring, so that the toilet is very experienced.

6, ultraviolet sterilization
The medical grade UV nozzle sterilization technology can effectively kill bacteria and give the family a meticulous care.

Model: F1M535 heated toilet seat cover
Name: Instant Smart Toilet Cover
Size: L519xW382xH90mm (remote control)
Rating: AC 220V 50HZ 1330W
Flushing flow rate: 900ml/min
Water temperature adjustment: 4 files (high, medium, low, off)
Drying temperature: 4 files (high, medium, low, off)

IKAHE Instant heating electric smart toilet automatic AAP control


Instant Heating Smart Toilet Cover remote control + ultraviolet sterilization + hot and cold massage


Non Electric Bidet Toilet Cover


Zhejiang Yihe Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of listed company Megmeet (stock code: 002851). It is a professional intelligent toilet manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. The IKAHE Tec global R&D system, which is led by the US Silicon Valley Technology Research Center, Shenzhen's technology deep research and development, Zhuzhou's stand-alone test analysis, Taizhou's machine linkage verification and technology application integration. It has an automatic production line with an annual output of more than 1 million units from the whole unit to the whole machine, and an advanced complete set of parts testing and automatic testing equipment independently developed by the Asia-Pacific region.

Yihe Sanitary Ware is the main drafting unit of the national high-tech enterprise, the new national standard GB/T34549 and GB/T23131 of intelligent toilets, and the deputy director unit of the Intelligent Bathroom Electrical Appliances Committee of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, and was awarded the “Top Ten Enterprises”. Leading brands and other honorary titles. The products have won many awards such as “International Design Gold Point Award”, “China Design Red Star Award” and Germany “IF Design Award”, and have many invention patents.

Jardine firmly adheres to the ingenuity, adheres to the road of technological innovation, leads the industry's continuous innovation, and constantly upgrades the product's intelligence; strong technical force, complete testing facilities, providing a complete product chain of smart toilets from parts to complete machines, dedicated to To become the world's leading manufacturer of smart toilets and a quality service provider that provides total smart bathroom solutions.


Since its establishment in 2003, the company has achieved rapid development with its talent and technology advantages. Currently registered capital is RMB 180.67 million, and currently employs about 3,000 people, among which more than 600 R&D teams have established a first-class product R&D, testing and manufacturing software and hardware platform through continuous exploration. Has obtained more than 300 patented technologies and obtained a variety of authoritative certifications. Has won the trust and praise of more than 800 customers in more than 40 countries.


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