Hot Bán Khô Cá Quy Mô Với Chất Lượng Cao-Giá Tốt Từ Việt Nam//Hana
11.1% giảm giá

Hot Bán Khô Cá Quy Mô Với Chất Lượng Cao-Giá Tốt Từ Việt Nam//Hana

11.1% giảm giá
Thông số sản phẩm
Mô tả sản phẩm
Nơi xuất xứ: Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamNhãn hiệu: VDELTA

Số Mô Hình: Hana +84 858496763Quá trình sấy: AD

Trọng lượng (kg): 1Max. Độ ẩm (%): 13

Phần: Cơ thểPH Value: 4,5 - 7

Kích thước (cm): 0,2 - 2Kiểu bộ nhớ: Nơi khô ráo

Phong cách: Khô规格: .

Bao bì: Số lượng lớn, TúiLớp: 1

Thời gian sống: 2 nămHình dạng: Mảnh

Hãng Sản Xuất: VdeltaThành phần: .

Nội dung: Vảy cáĐịa Chỉ: Việt Nam

Instruction for use: .Loại sản phẩm: Cá

Đa dạng: GlobefishTên sản phẩm: Vảy cá

Nguyên liệu thô: Vảy cáMàu sắc: Trắng

Product Description


Nutritional studies and scientific research show that fish scales are rich in a host of nutrients especially collagen (the essential bodily protein which is good for the entire human body and its structure functions) which plays many roles in maintaining good health. Fish scales are used as raw material for the biotechnology industry to produce into marine collagen, which is well known like skin health, joint and bone health, fitness and healthy aging collagen powder, capsules and collagen drinks.

Dried fish scales /Ossein from fish scales ( Decalcified Fish Scale ) for Collagen
Tilapia / Barramundi fish scales
Ivory, slightly transparent
Drying method
Sun Dry
Detailed Images
Ossein is a collagen precursor pretty close to 100% protein once moisture deducted. It can be obtained it by removing minerals matters from fishes scales.
Ossein has recently gained popularity as an alternative material to fish skin for marine collagen production.
About 200 milligrams (mg) of collagen can be derived from 10 grams of fish scales -- the amount that can be obtained from one or two fish. There is little cost in getting the fish scales since they are usually discarded, as compared to sources such as cowhide
which have a wide range of other uses.

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Viet Delta Co., Ltd was established in 2003, manufacturing agro products for exporting, wholesale and supermarket chain best quality products tropics and special products of Vietnam. Have been nearly 10 year manufacturing, distributing and exporting products, Viet Delta has the experience to meet your needs.
The main products of the Viet Delta such as coconuts, tapioca (cassava), spices, seaweed, fruits, vegetable, special products and products related of tapioca, coconut, nuts and so on
Viet Delta's products have been exported all over the world: China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, India, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Paraguay, Uruguay, United States, Australia, Malaysia, etc.
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