Mạnh mẽ AC 220V điện cửa trượt tự động động cơ nhà khai thác
4.5% giảm giá

Mạnh mẽ AC 220V điện cửa trượt tự động động cơ nhà khai thác

4.5% giảm giá
Thông số sản phẩm
Mô tả sản phẩm
Bảo hành: 1 NămSau khi bán hàng dịch vụ: Trực Tuyến Hỗ Trợ Kỹ Thuật

Dự Án Giải Pháp Khả Năng: Tổng Giải Pháp Cho Các Dự ÁnỨng Dụng: BIỆT THỰ

Thiết Kế Phong Cách: Hiện ĐạiNơi xuất xứ: China, Phúc kiến Trung Quốc

Nhãn hiệu: Autoga sliding gate openersSố Mô Hình: PYM-H2206 sliding gate operator

Loại: Mùa XuânTải tối đa: 1000kg

Khoảng cách làm việc: 50mTốc độ đầu ra: 50r/phút

Lực kéo tối đa: 1100nĐánh giá công suất động cơ: 350 m

Thiết bị đầu ra không: Z = 16Mô-men xoắn đầu ra (N.m): 16.8-32n. m

Điện áp định mức: 220VAC 50HzTốc độ mở/đóng: 12 m/min

Powerful AC 220V Electric Gate Automatic Sliding Door Motor Operators



Model NoPYM-H2206
Rated voltage220VAC/110VAC
Electronic motor


Rated motor power350W
Gear modulusM=4
Max loading weight1000KG
Open/close speed12m/min
Output speed50r/min
Output torque(N.m)30N.m
Limit switch typeMagnetic/Spring
Max pull force1100N
Working temperature-20°C~ 55°C

Basic Features of automation Sliding Gates Openers:


1.Stylish appearance design and built-in control panel makes it simple to install and extremely compact,No external controller or receiver needed.
2.Built in limit switch allowing the motor to switch off once the cycle is finished.
3.Built in manual override with 2 supplied unique makeing it durable and long lasting.
4.Soft start and slow stop.
5.Resistance sensitivity and auto closing delay time adjustable.
6.Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening/closing.
7.Reliable mechanical spring limit pr magnetic limit optional.
8.Metal base or plastic base optional.
9.12 Months guarantee,Lifelong post sales service.
10. 24VDC sliding gate opener can connect transformer and back up battery and solar paenl system.


The following are supplied with 220VAC electric sliding gate opener kit:

1 x Motor with built in control panel 
2 x Remote controls
2 x Manual override keys 
1 x Motor mounting base plate

1 x Handle hardware accessories


Main functions of sliding gate operators :

1. Totally integrated electrical mechanical system (excludes racks).
2. Control board interface for optional impact-proof infrared photocells.
3. Can connect flashing light and keypad and electric lock and so on.
4. Automatic delay closing.
5. Adjustable resistance sensitivity.
6. Auto gate stop and re-open when an obstacle is encountered.
7. Wireless remote control or wired remote control are optional.


Features of sliding gate openers controller:

1.Single button can finish all the control command(such as close,open,stop.)
2.Can adjust the output power of motor
3.Can adjust the working time of motor
4.Can program the time of auto close
5.Can set auto close when restored power after power off.
6.Sliding gate opener can connect flashing light, photocell, keypad.

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Details Info of sliding gate operators:

Gross weight about 13kg.
warranty time is 1 year.
Use high quality material.
Package is in a standard carton.




1. What should I know before ordering?

The weight of your gate/door.


2. May I have samples for testing?

Yes, samples are available. The lead time will be 2-3 days for samples.


3. What's the MOQ ?



4. How to pay for samples, and how you delivery it?

Samples can be paid by Western union, PayPal, Alibaba. Delivery by DHL, UPS or TNT, if you want to know the cost of delivery, please offer your detailed address with post code. Samples will be delivered within 3 working days, bulk orders within 25 working days.





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