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Máy Chiết Rót Thủy Tinh Cỡ Nhỏ Tự Động Hoàn Toàn

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Điều kiện: MớiLoại: Máy làm đầy

Máy móc Công Suất: 4000BPHÁp dụng Các Ngành Công Nghiệp: Nhà Máy sản xuất, Thực phẩm và Đồ Uống Nhà Máy, Nhà hàng, Bán lẻ, Thực phẩm Cửa Hàng

Phòng Trưng Bày Trí: Không cóỨng dụng: Thực Phẩm, Nước giải khát, Hóa học, Y tế

Bao bì Loại: Lon, ChaiChất liệu bao bì: Nhựa, Thủy tinh

Tự động Lớp: Tự ĐộngDriven Loại: Điện

Nơi xuất xứ: shanghaiNhãn hiệu: Leadworld

Kích thước (L * W * H): Tùy chỉnhtrọng lượng: Tùy chỉnh

Bảo hành: 1 NămKey Điểm Bán Hàng: Dễ dàng để Hoạt Động

Làm đầy Vật Liệu: BEER, Khác, Sữa, Nước, Dầu, juice, BộtMáy Móc Báo Cáo Thử Nghiệm: Cung Cấp

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Product Description
Full automatic passion fruit juice drink filling machine
Here is Liquid filling machine. We can also customized filling machines for powder, pickles, diced fruit, hand sanitizer, etc.
Fit for Glass bottle and Plastic bottle both, one machine can fit for Aluminum cap/plastic cap/child proof caps....
1. Vacuum Preventing Leaking System 2. No Bottle or Lack of Bottle, No Filling System 3. Photoelectric Sensor, Mechatronics Filling Adjustment System 4. Photoelectric Sensor, Material Level Control Feeding System 5. Stainless Steel Frame, Plexiglass as Security Cover 6. Control System: PLC/Electronic-Pneumatic Controlled 7. Operation Panel: "Intelligent" Colorful Touch Screen 8. Filling Accuracy:+-0.5%-1% 9. Capacity Adjustment:All cylinders adjusted automatically combine single cylinder adjusted individually. 10.Container transport:Stainless steel frame and engineering plastic plate chain variable speed conveyor, with photoelectric sensor.
Note: Our filling accuracy ≦0.5%-1%; 2)The filling part is cover with organic glass; 3)the machine whole part is food grade, we adopt 304SUS. 4)We adopt stepless speed changing motor.
Filling Volume
 200-1000ml can customize
Air Pressure
Total Power
AC380V, 50/60HZ
AC380V, 50/60HZ
AC380V, 50/60HZ
10Filling Heads
We use Famous brand electrical part to keep machine with high quality.
Accessories list
Accessories Name
Brand name
Siemens German
Electrical Elements
Schneider France
Pneumatic Element
AirTac Taiwan
Amphenol Connector
Weidmuller German
Danfoss Denmark
IGUS German
KEYENCE Japan it is waterproof
Packing & Delivery
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
Company Profile
Q1:How to install the machine? What kind of services can you provide? 1. We do global service, All countries can be provided door-to-door installation services. 2. Before delivery, we will make a mark on the machine and draw the drawing, you can complete the installation according to the drawings and mark. And we will provide recorded explaination video for your reference.

Q2: How long is the warranty period of the machine? We provide one year warranty service for whole machines , and three-years for particular parts.

Q3:What to do if there is a problem with the machine? 1.When installing on site, we promise the staff we send will teach you how to use the machine and provides relevant training 2.Small problems can be solved through coaching videos. 3.The staff respinsible for installation is guaranteed to have a visa valid for 1year, so the staff can reach within 48 hours.

Q4: What is delivery date of your products? Delivery date is 30-60 working days usually .

Q5:Are you manufacturer or trading company? We are specialized for full automatic processing line manufacturer.we have our own design team and provide full automatic customized production line. Our program engineers have a lot of good project experience.

Q6:Where are you located? Is it convenient to visit you? We are located in Shanghai. We can pick you up when you arrive at Shanghai Airport.

Q7:How can you guarantee the quality? 1.We have completed working system and procedures and we follow them very strictly. 2.The electrical pneumatic components are from the world famous companies, such as Germany's Siemens, Japanese Panasonic etc. Global Warranty. 3.We will do strict test running after the machine is assembled. 4.Our machines are certified by SGS,ISO,CE.

Q8: Why our customers trust and choose us? 1. We are the high-tech enterprise which integrates design, manufacturing, installation and cultivating. 2.we always have machines in production,time free to visit. 3.we have design team with practical experience in multiple countries, 100% understand the needs of different countries.
4.The machine supports 24-hour operation. 5.high quality, Possessing comprehensive certifications of multiple inspection company.
6.strict quality control 7.over 10 years production design experience and Import &export experience 8.We not only can customize the machine drawing according to your technical , also can produce new machine according to your requirements. 9.excellent after-sales services: ①Support remote technical guidance. ②Perfect working mechanism, efficient response time.

If you are interested in our product, please send us an inquiry in the below. Commonly, you will get reply in 24 hours. Thank you
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