Máy Niêm Phong Cảm Ứng Điện Từ Cầm Tay Máy Niêm Phong Chai Máy Niêm Phong Lá Nhôm
957.100đ ~ 1.196.400đ

Máy Niêm Phong Cảm Ứng Điện Từ Cầm Tay Máy Niêm Phong Chai Máy Niêm Phong Lá Nhôm

957.100đ ~ 1.196.400đ
Chọn loại hàng (ví dụ:màu sắc ,kích thước)
Thông số sản phẩm
Mô tả sản phẩm
Loại: Niêm phong máytốc độ tối đa: 10 M/phút, 14/Phút

Áp dụng Các Ngành Công Nghiệp: Máy móc Cửa Hàng Sửa ChữaPhòng Trưng Bày Trí: Không có

Điều kiện: MớiỨng dụng: Thực Phẩm

Bao bì Loại: Thùng cartonChất liệu bao bì: Nhựa

Tự động Lớp: Bán tự độngDriven Loại: Điện

Điện áp: 220V50HZNơi xuất xứ: Guangdong, China

Nhãn hiệu: SAMMIKích thước (L * W * H): 17*16.5*28.5cm

trọng lượng: 0.9 KGBảo hành: 1 Năm

Key Điểm Bán Hàng: Dễ dàng để Hoạt ĐộngMáy Móc Báo Cáo Thử Nghiệm: Cung Cấp

Video Gọi Đi-Kiểm Tra: Cung CấpBảo Hành Của Core Thành Phần: 1 Năm

Core Thành Phần: KhácNiêm phong có đường kính: 20-130MM

Tần số phạm vi: 25-100kHzTần số hoạt động:: 30KHZ (± 5%)

Tiêu chuẩn an toàn:: GB 47061 1998Nhà ở lớp bảo vệ:: 1P21

800A hand-held electromagnetic induction sealing machine is used for sealing big size cap diameter 20-130MM!

The most important point: nozzle cap and mental bottle cap can not seal, buyer must pay

attention, thank you!           


Note: Compared with normal induction sealer, this machine can memerize the data you set under power failure. The grey shell is of high quality for protecting the inside circut borad.When use the normal induction sealer, press the red button on the sealing head to seal the bottle. But this intellectual sealer can automatically seal the bottle without pressing the red button.    



Hand-held electromagnetic induction sealing machine is a non-contact sealing machine, heat generated by electromagnetic induction moment, that is fused aluminum foil  

on the bottle! This process applies to most of the items to avoid contamination of storage, the effective                  

protection of products, to avoid turn sow, squeeze the unexpected overflow.  




Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, oil,pesticides, cosmetics, hotels, travel goods and other light industries of the aluminum foil containers. Containers is made of plastic bottles, glass bottles and other non-metallic materials, such as: PE, PET, PP, PVC, ABS and so on.



1.Using foreign brand modular power components, high efficiency,                             

low consumption, good performance not only for the sealing of polyethylene, polypropylene containers, Sealing

performance and less on the PET bottles, glass bottles are also good sealing effect.  
2.Safe, the frequency range 25-100KHz, the human body without injury, equipment with overcurrent, overheating and overload protection device.            


3.compact and lightweight, simple operation, bonding time is short,fast, fastness strong, stable performance, for small batch production and laboratory operations.


Technical parameters: 

Product model
Operating frequency 100KHz ±5% 
Sealing diameter
Bottle height  Not limited
Breakpoint memory function
Sealing speed





 The previous style is composed of 2 parts: induction power and induction sealing head. Now the 800 series’ unique one-piece design is combining power and induction coil in one shell which improves work efficiency and offers more convenience to the user.


Using Environment


The environment temperature for this machine can not be higher than 45℃ and relative humidity should be lower than 80%. Machine should be placed in ventilated environment. The cooling holes on the bottom and side of the machine should be clean and unobstructed. Over high temperature or humidity will impact the electronic parts’ use life or even directly damage the device.



Working modes:


The machine can be working under 2 modes:

When you set the machine under manual mode, we need to press the handle switch after placing the bottle under the sealing head.

When you set the machine under smart mode, after we place the bottle under the center of the sealing head, machine will seal automatically without pressing the handle switch.




Machine pictures:




Induction Seal samples:



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