Máy Phun Hạt Thủy Canh Nhỏ
72.900.000đ ~ 109.350.000đ

Máy Phun Hạt Thủy Canh Nhỏ

72.900.000đ ~ 109.350.000đ
Chọn loại hàng (ví dụ:màu sắc ,kích thước)
Thông số sản phẩm
Mô tả sản phẩm
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Video Gọi Đi-Kiểm Tra: Cung CấpMáy Móc Báo Cáo Thử Nghiệm: Cung Cấp

Tiếp Thị Loại: Sản Phẩm Mới 2020Bảo Hành Của Core Thành Phần: 1 Năm

Core Thành Phần: PLC, Động Cơ, Chịu Lực, Hộp Số, Động Cơ, Áp, Bánh Răng, BơmĐiều kiện: Mới

Năng lực sản xuất: 2000LNơi xuất xứ: Henan, China

Nhãn hiệu: GEBĐiện áp: 380V/220V

Công suất (W): 20kWKích thước (L * W * H): 3600*1800*2200mm

trọng lượng: 2500 kgBảo hành: 1 Năm

Tên: Mạnh mẽ DIESEL hydroseeder phun máyLoại: Dốc Hydroseeding Máy

Loại động cơ: Changchai DieselMàu sắc: Yêu Cầu của khách hàng

Hiệu Quả làm việc: 700-800 Mét khốiTank capactiy: 15000L

Phun Khoảng Cách: 70 m/V 150mXe Tăng Khối Lượng: 500L-15000L

Từ Khóa sản phẩm: Cỏ HydroseederPhun diện tích: 200-2500m2

Hydroseeding machine, dry spray machine and ground pump spray machine are the three kinds of equipment commonly used in slope greening construction. The dry spraying machine itself has no conveying capacity which needs to be used together with air compressor, and the comprehensive construction cost is high. The working efficiency of ground pump wet jet machine is low. With high working efficiency and uniform spraying, the hydroseeding machine has become an effective vegetation planting method in greening engineering, such as, highway and railway slope greening, mine greening, desert treatment, river embankment protection and large-scale green space reconstruction.


Item GEB-2
Tanks Volume 2m3

Spraying Area

Spraying distance H 20-30m V 10-20m
Pipe. head H20-50m V 20-30m
Weight  1800kg
Dimension 2.5*1.5*1.4m


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Packing &Delivery 

hydroseeder spraying machine

Packaging: General export packing or customized packaging according to your requirement. Shipping: Professional goods shipping forwarders. Delivery Time: 5 working days after deposit.

The Advantage of hydroseedig machine

1.Uniform sowing, high efficiency. The machine can complete fertilization, seed mixing, seeding, covering and other processes at one time and it is less affected by the wind which can improve the speed and quality of lawn planting. 2.It can overcome the influence of adverse natural conditions, spray on steep slopes where it it difficult to seed successfully. At the same time, the machine can resist wind, rain and water rush, meeting the needs of turf construction under different site conditions. 3.The cost of using the hydroseeding equipment for green construction is lower than that of laying sod roll. And it doesn’t occupy farmland, so there is no need to carry out digging, loading, planting and long-distance transportation, which can reduce labor intensity. 4.High science and technology content, which can integrate grass seeds, fertilizers and wrapping materials, integrate chemical energy and biological energy, and apply it to the surface through mechanical energy. 5.The device improved the safety of construction greatly. 6.Easy to move, which is especially suitable for low and medium slopes and dispersed slopes. 7.Convenient and easy to use. The machine can be operated independently.

 Q: What is the guarantee period of hydroseeding equipment?
A: It is one year count from one month after shipping date except wearing parts. We will send some wearing parts of machine and diesel engine when delivery.

Q: What is the diesel engine brand of hydroseeding machine?
A: Usually we adopt Dongfanghong or Huangfeng diesel which is famous in China, we also can supply Cummins diesel and Deutz diesel.

Q: What is the ratio of soil, grass seed, fertilizer, etc?
A: The ratio depends on the soil locally. So it is better for you to take some photo of your soil, and tell us the slope angle, height, soil condition, etc. then we will recommend you a suitable ratio.

Q: Can you supply or introduce to me grass seed supplier?
A: No problem, our factory is manufacturing and selling hydro seeder many years in China, there are good cooperator of grass seed supplier.

Q: What is the horizontal and vertical working distance of hydroseeding machine?
A: Our hydroseeding equipment max. horizontal spraying distance is 38-45m with gun, max. vertical spraying distance is 40m with gun; max. horizontal conveying distance is 100-120m with hose, max. vertical conveying distance is 80m with hose.

Q: If your projects are slope greening, what is the slope ratio?
A: For our PB series hydro seeder, its maximum of the slope angle is 60°, if it is larger than 60degree, it is better to choose our PB-15SR and PB-25SR series thicker hydro seeder.

Q: Which project will you do with hydroseeder?
A: For slope greening, golf course, lawn or other landscape projects.






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72.900.000đ ~ 109.350.000đ
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