Mô Hình Mới Hoàn Toàn Tự Động QM81 PCB SMD Chọn Và Đặt Robot Máy SMT LED Vị Trí

Mô Hình Mới Hoàn Toàn Tự Động QM81 PCB SMD Chọn Và Đặt Robot Máy SMT LED Vị Trí

Chọn loại hàng (ví dụ:màu sắc ,kích thước)
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Mô tả sản phẩm
Điều kiện: MớiTrọng lượng (KG): 935

Phòng Trưng Bày Trí: Không cóVideo Gọi Đi-Kiểm Tra: Cung Cấp

Máy Móc Báo Cáo Thử Nghiệm: Cung CấpTiếp Thị Loại: Sản Phẩm Hot 2019

Bảo Hành Của Core Thành Phần: 1 NămCore Thành Phần: QM81

Nơi xuất xứ: Zhejiang, ChinaNhãn hiệu: QIHE

Số Mô Hình: QM81Bảo hành: 1 Năm

Feeders: 80pcsMax applicable PCB: 450*350mm

Placement heads: 8Control system: Panasonic servo motor

Applicable Components: 0201,0402,5050,SOP,TQFP,QFNPower Supply: 220V

Nozzle type: JUKI 502,503,504,505,506,507Mounting speed: 13000CPH

Certifications: CEWarranty: 1 Year

New Model Full-Automatic QM81 PCB SMD Pick And Place Robot Machine SMT LED Placement

Website: www.qhsmt.com

Model QM81
Max applicable PCB size 450*350mm
Max xy moving range 760*720mm
Max z moving range 20mm
Placementhead quantity 8
Max mounting capability Vision on: 13000pcs/h
Vision off: 16000pcs/h
Feeder Capacity 80 (YAMAHA Feeder is available)
Applicable component  Smallest size: 0201
Largest size: 22*22mm
Visual camera HD CCD camera flying camera
Power supply 220V
Net weight 854kg
Gross Weight 935kg
Machine Dimension 1310*1440*1390mm
Volume 3.55CBM

Main Features

1. Control Syetem: Ball screw and Panasonic servo motors

2. Vision system: Flying vision camera.

3. Six placement heads can pick up and calibrate components at one time.

4. Up to 80 feeder slots, Yamaha standard feeder is available.

5. Built-in computer mainboard, the monitor, key board and mouse will ship with machine.

6. Video tutorials make you operate machine easily

7. Free to upgrade software and provide technology support for life.

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1. Q: How many nozzles do you supply?

A: The TVM802 has two nozzle-heads, we supply 4 nozzles. The TVM925 has 4 nozzle-heads, we supply 6 nozzles. The QM61 has 6 nozzle-heads, we supply 8 nozzles.

2. Q: Which language is the software? Do you provide software updates?

A: English or Chinese. Free to upgrade software for lifetime.

3. Q: This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?

A: Yes. There are English manual and guide video that show you how to use machine.

If there is any doubt in the process of operating the machine, please feel free contact us.

We also provide overseas on-site service.

4. Q: Can we customize the machine?

A: Of course. All of our machines can be customized.

5. How about the warranty?

A: We support one year warranty. We will help you in time. All the spare parts will be provided free of charge for you within the warranty period.


Yueqing Qihe Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd.


No.222 Latitude Five Road, Economic Development Zone,Yueqing, Zhejiang,China


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