Trung Quốc Thiết Kế Mới ISO Chứng Nhận Prefab Modular 40ft 20ft Flat Pack Prefab Glass Nhà Eps Panels Nhà Cho Nhà Vệ Sinh
77.920.000đ ~ 85.225.000đ

Trung Quốc Thiết Kế Mới ISO Chứng Nhận Prefab Modular 40ft 20ft Flat Pack Prefab Glass Nhà Eps Panels Nhà Cho Nhà Vệ Sinh

77.920.000đ ~ 85.225.000đ
Chọn loại hàng (ví dụ:màu sắc ,kích thước)
Thông số sản phẩm
Mô tả sản phẩm
Bảo hành: 1 NămSau khi bán hàng dịch vụ: Trực Tuyến Hỗ Trợ Kỹ Thuật

Ứng Dụng: KhoNơi xuất xứ: Tianjin, China

Nhãn hiệu: LongfordSố Mô Hình: perefab house

Sử dụng: Carport, Khách Sạn, Nhà, Kiosk, Booth, Văn Phòng, Box Sentry, Guard House, Cửa hàng, Nhà vệ sinh, BIỆT THỰ, Kho, Hội thảo, Nhà máyLoại sản phẩm: Hộp Đựng Ngôi Nhà

Thiết Kế Phong Cách: Hiện ĐạiStandard size: 20*10*10FT

Life Span: 20-25 YearsSeismic fortification intensity: Grade 8

Wall Panel: 50/ 75mm EPS Sandwich BoardApplication Fields: Steel Structure Workshop Warehouse Hangar House

Certification: ISO9001CE BVProduce type: Sandwich Panel Houses

Layout: Flexible CustomizedDeliver time: 7-15days

Keyword: Mobile Living Container House , prefabricated house prefab homeDự Án Giải Pháp Khả Năng: Những Người Khác

Product Description

China new design ISO certified prefab modular 40ft 20ft flat pack prefab glass house eps panels house for washroom

Modular box type room,wind restant 12,earthquake resistance 8,service life of 25 years or more .Selection of packaged box type housing Quality,can be recycled more than 10 times,economic and environmental protection,very suitable forcentralized procurement,distribution and utilization.Box type room transportation convenient and great transportation cost.The wall of the box type house is made of 75mm thick double-sided color steel glass cotton sandwich panels.Built-in 75 mm thcik glass wool,to achieve 360degrees of fire protection,heat preservation,moisture-proof,heat insulation,and sound insulation at the same time Function,comfortable environment,more sealed,safer,more noise-proof,more moisture-proof,more fire-proof,more ring than traditional movable panel room Guarantee.
Technical of container house
Corner Post
Galvanized cold rolled steel,SGH440
Roof  beam
Floor beam
Galvanized cold bend C section steel SGH440
Mental surface shading
Graphene powder electrostatic spraying process
Roof boarding
Galvanized cold bend C section steel,SGH440
Heat presercvation cotton
Glass fiber mat with aluminum foil one side 
Combustibility:Grade A,non-ignitable
Ceiling boaed
Aluminium galvanized color steel pale
Color:White gray
Brand Name
20ft 40ft able container house
Sandwich panel ,Light steel ,PVC ,Rock wool
More than 20 years
Double glass plastic steel sliding window
Total Construction Area
14.73 sqm/34.68 sqm
Main Structure
Light steel structure, Sandwich panel Wall
PVC fireproof environmental protection plastic floor
No combustible decorative parts or Customizable
noise/ heat insulation, anti- Seismic, easy to assembly/ disassembly
Flexible design
Our Advantages
Quick installation
With the requirements of the state for the material of environmental protection and energy saving housing,the box type housing will applied to carious fields.Box type housing material quality,all steel the structure is galvanized sheet,which is safe and durable.The box typr house can transform the box type and the indoor patternrandomly,and be stacked and stacked at any time.The appearance and atmosphere can greatly reduce the construction cost.
Goble cooperation
Company Profile
1.Are You Manufacture or Trade Company?
We are manufacture,we have 12 years experience for supply Metal material and products in domestic.
2.Can you supply what is the service?
We can supply the kinds of metal materials and products,and we also can supply other process services.
3.Can you supply the free sample?
We can supply the free sample,but the sample express freight should be by you.
4.What about your the fast lead time if we place order?
It is normal 7-10 days after receive your deposit.
5.Which payment terms can you accept?
We can accept the TT,Western Union now or Negotiation.

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77.920.000đ ~ 85.225.000đ
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